Word Search Puzzles

On this page I'm going to provide you with a swag of free, printable, word search puzzles, covering some of the most popular word search themes.

Just click on the theme that appeals to you, and a page will open containing a wordsearch puzzle for that theme, as well as other useful information about the theme.

Christmas Word Search
Bible Word Search
Halloween Word Search

Each printed word search has three sections...

  • The puzzle grid
  • The words to search for
  • The solution

Each of these sections starts on a new page, allowing you to solve the puzzle in a way that suits you.

If you want to make the challenge more difficult, for example, print the puzzle page without printing the word list. The puzzle then requires you to find all the words you can that are relevant to the given theme, without knowing if or when you've found them all.

If you are teaching a class about the US Presidents, for example, you might hand out the words so that the students get to spend a fair bit of time looking at each president's name as they search for it in the grid, memorizing it almost accidentally in the process.

If, on the other hand, your students have already learned all the US Presidents, the puzzle can be set as a test, revision, or competition exercise, with the students having to find all the presidents, without being told their names.

Need More Word Search Puzzles?

I provide the freebies on this page to help out people who need a puzzle in a hurry - especially for a special occasion that you've forgotten until the last minute!

If you need puzzles on a more regular basis though - or if you don't much like the ones I've put up here - here's an inexpensive wordsearch maker I use to create my printable word search puzzles here at Word Buff.

Once you've got one of these neat gadgets, you can use the lists I provide on this website (or your own if you prefer) to produce puzzles in a few minutes. You can watch me create a wordsearch puzzle here.

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