Word Search Maker

A Word Search Maker is a tool for building word search puzzles more or less automatically, leaving us humans more time to focus on tweaking and polishing.
Suppose I have to produce a word search puzzle based on the theme of Christmas, for example, and I'm in a real hurry. Here's how I would go about it...

Well, that was certainly fast. Forty seconds to be precise! But I have a few issues with the result...
  • I don't like some of the words in that Christmas theme list. In fact, I have a much better list that I put together myself a couple of years ago.

  • Finding answers that go from right to left is going to be way too hard for my kids - especially on a diagonal.

  • The printed puzzle has Word Search Printer in the footer. But I want to take the credit! Even if it is stretching the truth just a little ;-)

Ok. Let's try that again...


Hmmm... I estimate that this second attempt chewed up about an extra minute of my life. I guess I can live with that ;-)

As you can see then, making a word search puzzle can be very quick and easy, provided you've got access to...

An easy-to-use word search maker

You've just seen Word-Buff's choice in action. You can download a free trial version of Word Search Printer here and then register your copy later if you like it.

Plenty of decent theme word lists

Word Search Printer comes with dozens of helpful built-in theme word lists, but if you use a different word search tool, or you just run out of word lists, come back to Word-Buff.com where you'll find plenty more.

In the meantime... Happy searching!

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