Original Gift Ideas
for Incurable Word-Buffs

You may not understand them. But I do!

Scrabble Dress
Spelling Bee

Word-buffs can be tricky to buy for. Particularly if they're really into their hobby...

  • Get them another book of crosswords and they'll thank you politely before privately cringing as soon as they see the name of the editor.
  • Get them a mug or t-shirt with a Scrabble cartoon on the front if you like, but don't expect to see them wearing it any time soon.
  • Get them a copy of Weird & Wacky Words #7 and...

Well, you get the drift right?

So, on this page I've put together a less obvious and much more classy (well, except the dress perhaps...) collection of gift ideas for the special word-buff in your life.

And if you see something you'd like to have for yourself, why not wait till your birthday is just around the corner, and send your friends and family an anonymous link to this page...

The world's best-selling word game with both a rotating board and tiles 50% larger than the original.

Measuring 23 1/2" sq., the board's playing surface has recessed spaces that keep the 100 oversized 1 1/4" H x 1" W wooden letter tiles stable when the board is rotated to provide an optimal view for all players.

The rules and play are the same as the classic board game. In addition to instructions, it includes oversized versions of the wooden board, four wooden tile racks, cloth tile bag, and score pad.

For two to four players ages 8 and up, but especially good for youngies and oldies who, for different reasons, struggle with the fiddly, and hard to read, smaller sized standard version of the game.

Adult Scrabble Costume

Is your boyfriend a serious Scrabble nut and you're struggling to get his attention?

Or maybe you're the Scrabble nut looking to add a bit of spice to your Friday night best-of-three?

Either way, if this skimpy Scrabble dress doesn't sex up your games, I'm not sure what will.

I kinda cringe when I see Scrabble ties and cufflinks on eBay, but this little number could bring on some happiness.

Electronic Scrabble Dictionary

North America only!
Now I realize you're going to feel a tad geeky when you first whip out this Scrabble gadget at a friendly games night, but believe me, they'll thank you afterwards. Just type in the word being challenged, and wait for the verdict. It's good or it's not — end of story! And fewer disputes means fewer damaged relationships.

Why not just get them a copy of the Official Scrabble Dictionary? Well, for one thing, with a physical dictionary, the person who looks up a word can see the words around it. That means they'll know if it takes an S, for example. Trust me, to serious Scrabble buffs, that kind of thing is important.

But even more important, is to get them something they don't already have.

New York Times Crossword Collectible

Now here's a charming idea for regular solvers of the New York Times crossword.

Just choose a newspaper issue with a crossword that was significant to your friend. Maybe it was a really brilliant puzzle or the first that your friend ever solved completely. Then submit the date of the puzzle to create your beautifully presented .

You may find it difficult to understand, but New York Times crossword devotees won't!

New York Times Touchscreen Crosswords

It's called the Excalibur NY21, and it's pretty much perfect for someone who needs a lot more than one daily newspaper to satisfy their crossword-solving itch. This sexy touchscreen has nearly three years worth of New York Times crossword puzzles crammed inside its sleek frame!

One thing I've come to really hate about these sorts of devices is that they are usually full of garbage puzzles for solvers who wouldn't know any better. But every one of these puzzles has been hand-picked by Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword puzzles, who is renowned for being the pickiest crossword editor in the country.

55,000 Word Talking Spelling Bee

The 55,000 Word Talking Spelling Bee.
This electronic spelling bee game recreates the excitement of the official National Spelling Bee. It articulates each word, provides a definition of almost 55,000 words from Webster's, and uses each word in context with recorded speech.

Each letter is voiced and displayed on the device's 2" color LCD as it is entered from the keyboard. A correct spelling gets an applause, while an incorrect response is gently corrected.

Three skill levels can be adjusted between Beginner, Advanced and Master, and custom word lists can be entered to provide an additional challenge. It also includes word games such as Word Train and Hangman for less intense spelling practice. Very cool!

Electronic Websters Dictionary Unabridged

Although Websters do a great job of keeping their unabridged dictionary down to a manageable size, it's hardly the sort of tome you would throw in the car for a short trip, or tuck under your arm on your way to a cafe.

So for those who spend a lot of hours buried in this lexical treasure trove, the electronic Websters dictionary (UNABRIDGED) will allow them many, many more.

Compact Oxford English Dictionary

Now if you're feeling generous enough to get this one, please let me be your friend...
Everybody knows about the stature of the OED in the world of words, but did you know that the massive multi-volume set has been compressed into a gorgeous, if rather weighty, single volume? As one happy purchaser notes rather aptly — the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, deserves its own plinth.

Naturally enough, this one is expensive by most budgets, but it does make having the complete unabridged OED (yes, every single word is inside!) in your lounge room a plausible option.

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