Word Permutation Puzzle (ERG)

by Sharon D. Smith
(Los Angeles, CA - USA)

I created a word puzzle with nine words in three phrases that can be reassembled to create new and different phrases.

The neat thing about these phrases is that they are designed to foster self esteem and creativity through repitition of positive goals for self, others and team building.

It can be played by any person young or old. I have used this as a motivational tool and I can attest to the energy created by this poetry puzzle.

I would like to know what you think? (You can post your response using the Comments link below this puzzle article.)

About ERG

The word 'Erg' means 'work' according to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. This poetry puzzle is designed to spur motivation, encouragement and creativity. Word permutations are what it is all about.

Words that can be reassembled from a set of phrases that I have especially chosen to reinforce and embed confidence in any person of any age.

*The words can be realigned in any order to create a new phrase. It sounds difficult but there are only 9 words in the poetry puzzle.

Poem as follows:





1. I will achieve
2. You will succeed
3. We must achieve
4. We can progress
5. You will achieve
6. I must progress
7. You can succeed
8. We will achieve
9. You can achieve
10. I will succeed

There are numerous other word permutations to be made.

Good luck and have fun!

copyright Sharon D. Smith

P.S. Thanks Sharon. If you'd like to respond to Sharon's idea please use the Comments link down below. — Word Buff

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