Word Hat

by Jennifer
(Gaiger, BC, Canada)

Object of Game: Words picked from a Dictionary (answer sheet is provided as a reference - we used to write them out because this game was played where there was no electricity for typing) and put into a hat.

Try to guess the word, not the definition. Use imagination, actions, and comparisons only, no books allowed to assist.

It is a fun game to play, especially since we use our creative ideas to provide definitions, even though most of the time it's made up because the player doesn't know the meaning of the word chosen.

Winner is the one who described the word closest to its definition. Great game for all ages; played it since I was 9 to present day.

Target Group: Game can be played down to include 3+, however, most groups we have are between ages 8 and 70. Great dinner party game.

Resources needed to play game: Dictionary, sheet of definitions, hat.

How long game takes to play: Can run from 5 words in a game up to however many (go with the flow, we've always done). An hour to 5, depends on how much fun everyone is having.

Step-by-step instructions: Find words in a Dictionary and type (write) definitions out on answer sheet. Write (type) words out on a sheet of paper. Cut words to fit in a hat.

Pick two teams of players. Decide on how many attempts at guessing the word are allowed before deciding a winner or a draw. Draw is when the answer was not close enough to its definition and was too far off base.

Decide who starts and the first team picks the word out of the hat, reads it aloud, and the other team has to guess the word based on the definition the first team describes or acts out (without the first team knowing the definition themselves).

In the case of a draw, where nobody got close to the definition, the first team loses and the game turns to the other team. Points are given to keep track of which team won and the team with the most points is the winner.

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