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Have you ever tried to find out more about a word game before adding it to your collection, and been faced with a bunch of 'reviews' like these...

"Best game ever..."
"We all love this game and have a ball playing it."
"Everyone always has a blast."
"It's just one of my favorite games..."
"Really enjoy this one..."

Am I being overly harsh in thinking these comments are unhelpful?

You see, because I'm ... well ... more serious about word games than most, I want an insightful reflection on a game. I don't mean that a review should give the full history of the game, a thorough precis of the rules, and a detailed analysis of strategy...

I just mean that I want to know that the reviewer has actually played this game enough to get a good feel for it, and then thought about it carefully, before offering some insight that might help me decide if it might be my thing.

So, if you haven't guessed already, that's what this page is going to be about. I'm going to publish reviews, a few written by myself and many more by you, that say a bit more than "this game is ace!". Once the ball gets rolling, we can all use this page to make more informed decisions about word games we may not have tried yet.

Don't feel like writing a review? No problem. Feel free to browse the reviews other visitors have written. If you see one that interests you, I've set things up so you can just make a comment or two.

So, enough preamble...

What's Your Favorite Word Game?

Is there a word game you just love to play? Review it here!

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