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The members area is where I post lots of juicy free resources for word games and puzzles. That way, Word Buff subscribers can find them all in one handy place. Like this one...

And here's my latest Word Buff Cheat Sheet...

New Collins Scrabble Words

From 1 January 2012 a hefty list of new Scrabble words will be legally playable in World English Scrabble. This lexicon is usually referred to as Collins Scrabble Words.

New Collins Scrabble Words

I've put together a list of all the new Collins words to give you a sneaky head-start over your opponents.

Even if you don't intend to play to this dictionary, you'll just love browsing some of these crazy new Scrabble words, like ERHU (a Chinese stringed instrument), TAIKO (a large Japanese drum), and RAKIJA (a type of fruit brandy).

You can download it right now!

Short Scrabble Words
Free Online Scrabble Dictionary

Recently I put together a booklet that should blow your Scrabble scores out of the water.

It's a list of all legal Scrabble words up to 5 letters long, specially formatted for easy studying and with source dictionaries clearly indicated.

You can download it right now!

Free Software Downloads

Across Lite A desktop application that lets you download and solve crossword puzzles on your computer.

Quackle A Scrabble computer game that also analyzes your game for you.

Zyzzyva A Scrabble helper you can use as a word judge, word finder, and word study program.
The sorts of things I like to post here for you include...
  • Applications — That's them there on your left!
  • eBooks — PDFs on vocabulary building, game strategies etc.
  • eCourses — These are mini tutorials delivered by email.
  • How Tos — I'll post these to the bottom of this page.
If you've got any ideas about what you'd like to see happen in this area, feel free to post a suggestion at the bottom of this page.

If you're new here, and wondering where the eZine is, I post them out sporadically, and you'll see it arrive in your email inbox from time to time under the name Word Buff Stuff!. I don't like people to feel spammed, so I only post it out when I have something especially cool to tell you about!

I sure hope you like it here. And if you do, here's a really quick way to let me know...


Below are a bunch of short email tutorials I've put together to provide a snappy introduction to a few of the skills you need to master word games. Each course is no more than 7 lessons long and provides a great starting point to anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.

I'll let you know via my Word Buff Stuff! ezine when I add a new course to the list, so keep a lookout for that in your in-tray!

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