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Welcome to Word Buff Stuff!, the members-only area of Word Buff, which is available only to subscribers. Like you! Here's what you'll find inside...
  • FREE Stuff From time to time I stumble across a terrific free resource for making and solving word puzzles or playing word games. I've put together a list of these freebies here. I'll add to it each time I come across something I think you'll like.

  • Word Puzzles Three word puzzles to cater for the Scrabblers, Cruciverbs and Spellers among us. The Scrabble Word Finder, the Word Search Spelling Bee, and the Crossword Diamond.

  • Cool Word Watch An interesting word I've come across lately. Sometimes it will be of most interest to our Scrabblers, other times to the Cruciverb community, and others times the Spelling Bee regulars will be most interested.

  • Word Buff's Corner A shortish article about a word games topic I think many of you will find useful. Themes for this section include: game strategy, official rules, learning techniques, software tools, and product reviews. Sometimes I'll flesh out this article later and turn it into a permanent page on my site - but members will read it here first!

  • Funnies Everybody has a different sense of humor, so I can't guarantee that all of these will make you laugh. But I guarantee at least a few of them will ;-)

  • Quick Flick A short video containing an interview, a tutorial, or just an entertaining episode from the world of words, puzzles, and games.

  • The Editor's Couch This is the self-indulgent part of my site, where I get to ramble a bit about my Word Buff website - its past, present, and, most importantly, its future.

  • Your Say Here's where you get to comment on any of the Word Buff Stuff! you find here. You can point out errors, add interesting anecdotes, or just stir up some trouble by declaring Scrabble words to be useless, crossword solvers to be pedants, and mastery of spelling to be a total waste of time ;-)

  • Back-Issues Just joined and wondering what you've missed out on? No problem. You can check out previous e-zine issues here.

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