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One day at work, a little while back, I was a tad embarrassed to find my boss standing behind me with a disapproving look on his face. Eventually, I realized the issue. You see, my PC Start Menu was open, and here's what it looked like...

While my work colleagues had filled their shortcut menus with work-related spreadsheets and testing tools, my computer had become a word gamer's arsenal, overflowing with crossword solvers, word finders, anagram generators, Scrabble helpers... you name it!

Everything, that is, except the things that were supposed to be there.

This eBook is a slightly more discreet one-stop-shop for all the very best word game tools I've found over the years. It's all very high-quality and quite a few of these resources are absolutely FREE!

The reason I can vouch for the quality of these tools is that I've used all of them extensively, and some of them I use on a daily basis for maintaining

And when I say that some of these tools are completely free – I mean just that. They are not 'limited-feature trial-versions' of commercial products with upsells, or anything disingenuous like that.

Here are a couple of my favorite freebies in the collection...

Free Word Puzzle Maker

Do you like creating word puzzles? Here's a word puzzle maker you can use to make professional crossword puzzles, wordsearches, cryptograms, and just about every other type of word puzzle under the sun (many I've never heard of).

Free Word Puzzle Maker

It even lets you build online versions of your puzzles so you can upload them to your blog or website!

Free Scrabble Game

The Scrabble diehards among you will just love this one. How about an app that not only lets you play Scrabble against your computer (at any level from beginner to world champion), but even analyzes your games for you and generates a detailed report of your mistakes to help you improve.

Free Word Games

Try telling me that wouldn't impress you!

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