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World Youth Scrabble Championship


Whether your passion is Scrabble, Crosswords, Spelling Bees, or another war of words, all over the world there are clubs, tournaments, forums, blogs, competitions, cruises, and countless other organizations and events dedicated to you. But how do you find them?

Think of this page as your Community Noticeboard. It's a place where you can find out about fun social opportunities devoted to people with the very same word game obsession as you!

Sound like just what you're looking for? Great! Just click here to take a look at what other word gamers have organized for you...

On the other hand, if you are the organizer of a close-knit community or fun activity for word gamers, and you think it might be of interest to other word buffs out there, please let us know here!

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Spanish Scrabble 
Check it Out (Risk Free) --> Spanish-language Scrabble is arguably the second biggest scene for the word game. Organized club …

This is a massively multi-player on-line word game I'm building just for fun! Think Scrabble, on an infinite board, against the whole world :-) …

Scripps National Spelling Bee 
Scripps National Spelling Bee is the largest educational competition in the English-speaking world. The National Spelling Bee , as it is usually …

AARP National Senior Spelling Bee 
I've always found it odd that although 'senior' word buffs get to solve crosswords and play Scrabble to their heart's content, there doesn't seem to be …

SWIBBISH®, New Word Game Beta Not rated yet
SWIBBISH® is a bold change to your traditional word games. Most word games force you into static game boards, and monotonous letter values. Swibbish employs …

Scrabble II for Word Lovers Not rated yet
Scrabble II for Word Lovers is pure Scrabble with a few small adjustments that bust Scrabble wide open to the longest, and most natural, words played …

VanRand Travel Scrabble™ Cruises Not rated yet
My wife, Barbara Van Alen, and I have organized group Scrabble™ cruises since 2002. During our days at sea, we direct a sanctioned tournament for players …

Causeway Challenge Not rated yet
UPDATE (August 2011) Not long after announcing his grand plan for a global Causeway circuit, Michael Tang stunned the Scrabble world with a new announcement … Not rated yet
The name of this website comes from the term Cruciverbalist , which basically means 'a person who really digs crosswords'. And this is a very apt name, …

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Not rated yet
The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (usually known as the ACPT ) is the biggest crossword tournament in the world, and has been held annually since …

Cruiseword - A crossword tournament on a cruise Not rated yet
“CRUISEWORD” FIRST CROSSWORD TOURNAMENT AT SEA December 5 to December 12, 2010 Caribbean cruise sailing from Ft. Lauderdale Celebrity Solstice. …

World Online Scrabble Challenge Not rated yet
This competition is starting on Facebook in late December 2009: Welcome to the exciting new comp brought to you by the UK Online Scrabble League (OSL) …

World Youth Scrabble Championship Not rated yet
This is for players aged 17 or under as at the end of the year (31st December) - nearly 100 players from all over the world. Most players are nominated …

World English
Scrabble Players Association
 Not rated yet
We are a global umbrella for World English-language Scrabble, and most of our members are national associations. Here are some of the things we've been …

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