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Occasionally, a word game hits upon some magic ingredient that just makes it work. I'm not sure what that ingredient is, but I do agree with the old saying that every classic game is Easy To Learn - Difficult to Master.

Then again, while that saying fits for serious skill-based games, there are other games that are designed more for laughs. In the first category, I rate Scrabble as the best thing since sliced bread, while in the second I have yet to find a word game that beats Balderdash.

There are not many word games that make the cut for me, but I've taken the ones that do and made them available here in one place. Below my word games cabinet I'll be providing links to my reviews of these games, as I finish writing them!

But no need to wait for me to finish mine. You can...

Review Your Own Favorite Word Game Right Here!

About My Games

If you're trying to decide whether one of my favorite word games belongs in your own games collection, you might find it helpful to read my reviews on these games.

As I write these reviews, I'm going to add to the alphabetical list of links below. Just click on the relevant link to go to the review that interests you. I've set up a comments field on each review page, just in case you've got something to say about the game or about something I've said about it.

And don't forget, you're always welcome to...

Add Your Own Word Game Review Here!

Now, here are the links to the reviews I've completed so far. Sorry the list is only short at the moment, but I promise there'll be more real soon!

While Scrabble will probably always be my favorite competitive game, Balderdash is without question my favorite party game. And like all good party games... Read more.

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