When the first player's word is challenged successfully does the next player receive the double points since their word is now covering the premium star?

We had a dispute over whether the doubling of the word score, which is customary for the first word played, is a bonus afforded the first player only (the one who drew the letter "A" or closest to "A"), or does the bonus follow the first word placed down on the star which may be the word placed by the second player when the first player's word is challenged successfully and removed from the board.

It would seem logic dictates that the first tile to cover the star receives the double points but we had a strenuous argument!!!

Hi there, this is an interesting question, and I appreciate the time you took to word it carefully ;-)

This one is black and white. Whoever places their tile on the center square gets to double the score for their word, whether it's the first player or second player (or a subsequent player, if there are more than two players).

Focus on the center square's color rather than the star painted on it. The color (pink) makes it a Double Word Square just like any other pink square. The star is just there to remind you that 'the first word played must cover me'.


P.S. Can you please provide me a first name - or even your initials - and state or country, as I really don't like making anonymous posts. Don't worry - nobody will be able to identify you from that ;-)

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Thanks - much appreciated.

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