When the first player to go forfeits his turn

by Faye
(Palm Springs)

If the first person to play cannot take a turn (due to not having a vowel, say) does the second person to play a word get to use the centre double word score or is the score counted without the double word value?

Hi there Faye,

There are two things that distinguish the center square on a Scrabble board. The first is that it has a star on it. The second is that it is pink.

The star means that the first played word must have at least one of its letters on that square. The pink color means that the first played word must get the double word score premium.

In other words, as far as doubling your word score is concerned, the center square acts like any other pink square. Whoever uses it, whether it's the first player or the second (or the third or fourth in a bigger game!), gets the double word score.

I hope that answers your question Faye. You can let me know with a click...

All the best,

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