The US Presidents
for Crossword Solvers

Common Crossword Answers & Clues

Below is a list of all the US presidents, sorted chronologically.

After each US president I've listed examples of crossword clues, of varying levels of difficulty, having that president's surname as the answer...

#1 WASHINGTON, George (1789-97)
Hero of the American Revolution
25c or $1
Mall locale
#2 ADAMS, John (1797-1801)
He called the U.S. vice presidency a "most insignificant office"
One working close to Washington?
Washington's successor
Subject of a David McCullough political biography
President before Jefferson
#1 number two who became the #2 number one
The only US president whose vice president ran against him to succeed him was John ....
"1776" role
First vice president
Portrait on an old 2ยข stamp
Boston Tea Party V.I.P.
President from Braintree
Name of two Presidents
#3 JEFFERSON, Thomas (1801-09)
5c or $2
A US president who was also an architect, musician and inventor
Monticello flip side
#4 MADISON, James (1809-17)
Picture on a $5,000 bill
Peak in New Hampshire's Presidential Range
Big Apple thoroughfare
#5 MONROE, James (1817-25)
Doctrine developer of 1823
Secretary of state during the War of 1812
President nicknamed Last of the Cocked Hats
#6 ADAMS, John Quincy (1825-29)
Monroe's successor
#7 JACKSON, Andrew (1829-37)
#8 VAN BUREN, Martin (1837-41)
Van ____ administration
#9 HARRISON, William (1841)
#10 TYLER, John (1841-45)
Polk's predecessor
President born in Charles City, Va.
First president to marry while in office
#11 POLK, James (1845-49)
"54-40 or fight" candidate
Clay defeater
President before Taylor
San Francisco street named for a president
President after Tyler
Tyler and Taylor's go-between
11th President
#12 TAYLOR, Zachary (1849-50)
Polk's successor
#13 FILLMORE, Millard (1850-53)
#14 PIERCE, Franklin (1853-57)
#15 BUCHANAN, James (1857-61)
#16 LINCOLN, Abraham (1861-65)
1c or $5
Memorial flip side
#17 JOHNSON, Andrew (1865-69)
#18 GRANT, Ulysses (1869-77)
#19 HAYES, Rutherford (1877-81)
President after Grant
First sitting president to visit the West Coast
Profile on a 19c stamp
President who won by one electoral vote
He introduced the Easter egg roll on the White House lawn
Garfield's predecessor
#20 GARFIELD, James (1881)
#21 ARTHUR, Chester (1881-85)
Vermont-born President
#22 CLEVELAND, Grover (1885-89)
Victor over Blaine in 1884
#23 HARRISON, Benjamin (1889-93)
#24 CLEVELAND, Grover (1893-97)
Victor over Blaine in 1884
#25 MCKINLEY, William (1897-1901)
#26 ROOSEVELT, Theodore (1901-1909)
#27 TAFT, William (1909-1913)
President before Wilson
President who later served as chief justice
Chief justice before Hughes
Mr. Republican
Roly-poly president
1920s chief justice
For whom Sherman was veep
Last mustachioed president
Eisenhower's rival for the 1952 nomination
300-pound President
Bryan defeater, 1908
Electee of 1908
Mr. Republican of the old G.O.P.
White House heavyweight
___-Hartley Act
#28 WILSON, Woodrow (1913-21)
W.W.I president
1919 Peace Nobelist
#29 HARDING, Warren (1921-23)
#30 COOLIDGE, Calvin (1923-29)
Laconic president
President born on July 4
#31 HOOVER, Herbert (1929-33)
Loser to Roosevelt in 1932
#32 ROOSEVELT, Franklin (1933-45)
#33 TRUMAN, Harry (1945-53)
Marshall Plan signer
"Plain Speaking" biographee/DD>
#34 EISENHOWER, Dwight (1953-61)
President whose grandson wed a president's daughter
50's leader
Winning general in 1945
NATO's first supreme commander
#35 KENNEDY, John (1961-63)
Half profile?
Supreme Court justice appointed by Reagan
Presidential seal flip side
#36 JOHNSON, Lyndon (1963-69)
#37 NIXON, Richard (1969-74)
"Frost/___" 2008 nominee for Best Picture
1974 pardon recipient
Resigned president
1995 Oliver Stone film
Winner of 1968 and 1972
Stager of a 1968 political comeback
President with an enemies list
Checkers master
#38 FORD, Gerald (1974-77)
President who was a King
President before Carter
'70s president
Nixon's successor
#39 CARTER, Jimmy (1977-81)
2002 Peace Nobelist
#39 in a series
Reagan's predecessor
Salt II signer
#40 REAGAN, Ronald (1981-89)
"An American Life" autobiographer
President with an airport named after him
Subject of the biography "An American Hero"
President who was also a sportscaster
1960's "Death Valley Days" host
The Gipper
Only Illinois-born President
#41 BUSH, George H. W. (1989-93)
#41 or #43
41st in a series
Justice Souter's appointer
#42 CLINTON, Bill (1993-2001)
Vice president after Burr
"An Invitation to the White House" author
#43 BUSH, George W. (2001-2009)
#41 or #43
#44 OBAMA, Barack (2009-)
Only president born in Hawii
President sworn in on Lincoln's Bible
Winner of 2008
Politician who wrote "The Audacity of Hope"
Senator who wrote "Dreams From My Father"
Note A small number of US Presidents have not yet appeared in any of the major crossword puzzles consulted for this list, so the corresponding entries in the above list have no example clues.

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