Two For One Word Game

by Martie

We all know that there are times when two or more names are squashed together to form a new name such as Labradoodle or cockapoo. This vocabulary game works on the same principle, taking common and not so common two-word phrases and changing them into one new word using parts of both words.

While this particular vocabulary activity probably won't increase your vocabulary in any significant way, it is still lots of fun to play and does get one thinking about the origin of some words.

This game is great for all ages as long as the person playing can write and at least spell reasonably well. The only other requirement is that each player should be able to come up with two words that either go together or is a phrase such as ink pen, crime scene, etc.

The only materials that you need to play this game are pens or pencils and a sheet of paper and if you prefer a timer of some sort.

How To Play

Choose the starting player. You can do this in any way you choose. You can start with the youngest or oldest, tallest or shortest or choosing a number. Once the player is chosen, he begins by giving a two-word phrase, such as 'little tykes'.

All the other players then write a one-word combination for the two-word phrase. In this case, the word could be "likes".

After each player has finished writing their word, they then take turns making a sentence out of their new word that sticks to the original meaning of the term, such as, "I bought my son a new likes tractor the other day."

The player who gave the phrase chooses the new word he liked the best and the person having thought up that word gets a point. Play then passes to the next person.

If you wish, you can give players a certain amount of time such as 15 seconds to come up and write down their one word answer.

Once everyone has had a turn, play stops and the person with the most points is declared the winner.

Alternate Versions

Part of what makes this game fun is that it is easy to create alternate versions for different type of play. For example, these game can be played for bridal parties and baby showers simply by the host or hostess making up a series of "one word" from two word phrases, writing them down and making copies and having the guest try and figure out what the original two word phrases were in a given amount of time. The person who gets the most right answers then wins the game and gets the prize.

For example, if you were playing the game for a baby shower you might have the word 'deloom' on your list that the guests would need to figure out means 'delivery room', or you can use 'babto' for baby photo. By making some of the words obvious and some really far-fetched, you can create a game that will have everyone laughing.

One of the best things about this vocabulary game is that you are free to establish your own rules and mix up the game until you come up with a version that best suits your family. In addition, playing this game or others like it may well serve to help you come up with various vocabulary articles of your own.

Just remember, the simpler the rules, the more fun everyone will have playing this game. While it seems like an easy enough game depending on the two-word phrases that are being thrown about, this game can be both really challenging and hilarious.

Don't believe me? One night I was playing with my teenage sons. When my youngest son's turn came to give a phrase, he gave the phrase "jailed rapper". I thought I had a sure winner with the word "japper" until my oldest son displayed his answer: "Eminem". While he didn't exactly stick to the rules, he won on sheer originality!

So go ahead, try the game. I'm sure you will come up with some interesting answers of your own.

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