Travel Games

What do you do once the kids are sick of playing I Spy?

Here are some of the best word travel games I've come across. Most of these car games are flexible enough to be suitable for adults or chidren, just by adjusting the difficulty of the words.

Number Plates

This game is ideal for car trips because it relies on traffic.

The idea is simple...

Each time a car goes past in the opposite direction, the adjudicator (usually the driver) announces the letters in the car's number plate. The passengers then have to race to think of a word that contains those letters.

If the number plate is DQR-822, for example, the passengers have to find a word containing the letters D, Q, and R.

If more than one passenger finds a valid solution, the shortest word wins (although you can vary this rule). So for our example, QUERIED would beat REQUIRED because it is one letter shorter.

To spice it up, you can add a bonus system that rewards a player with an extra point if their word has the letters in the correct order.

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