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How many words can you make out of 6 not so random letters in just two minutes? That's the question that Text Twist answers over and over again. This downloadable and online game is a lot like Word Whomp only there is a twist.

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You have to unscramble a 6 letter word to go to the next round. Fail to get these letters in the right order and the game ends, no matter how many words you find.

The object of this game is to advance as many levels as possible before the scrambled letters stump you.

Text Twist is a single person word game designed to test your vocabulary, spelling, and anagramming skills.

Although anyone who can read can play, this is a game best played by ages 12 and up that have a reasonably extensive vocabulary.

Each game consists of several 3, 4, and 5 letter words and at least one 6 letter word that you have to unscramble while the clock ticks off the time you have remaining.

How To Play Text Twist

Playing Text Twist is simple. You either download the game from one of the many download sites on the net, or choose a free online game site to play online. Once you have the game downloaded or have clicked on the ready to play button you are ready to get started.

Six scrambled letters will appear at the bottom of your screen along with a timer that counts down the seconds. At the top of your screen you will see a series of white boxes. These boxes will be filled up as you find words from the scrambled letters.

As soon as the letters appear you may start. Just remember that in order to go to the next round you must unscramble one 6 letter word (some rounds have one 6 letter words others have 2 or 3). It doesn't matter how many other words you find, if you don't unscramble the 6 letter word, the game ends.

If you find the 6 letter word, then you advance to the next round no matter how few or how many other words you find. The shorter words simply helps to gain you points. The entire purpose of the game is to see how many levels you can reach and how many points you can accumulate. Get all the words in a round and your points raise quickly.

Though the game is easy to play, unscrambling the 6 letter word can prove challenging and finding all the words each round can be even more so. However, for those who do not find text twist enough of a challenge, Text Twist 2 offers 7 letters that need to be unscrambled, and harder words.

Tips For Increasing Your Scores

For those who like the challenge of trying to increase your scores on Text Twist here are some tips that may help.

  • Think plurals. After making a three or four letter word check for an s or es that can be added to that word to make another larger word.
  • Look for backward and forward words such as "star" and "rats" there are many such words and being able to find them will greatly increase your score.
  • If you get stuck use the twist button. You won't use any points and sometimes remixing the letters will help you to find more words faster.
  • Memorize as many simple three letters words as possible, this will bring them to mind to help fill in those blanks and help increase your points. Knowing three letter words is also a big help in unscrambling those 6 letter words you need to move on to the next level.
  • Look for keys to organizing the letters for unscrambling your 6 letter word. Look for "ing" as this often goes at the end of the word. That only leaves you three letters to unscramble before adding the "ing" to the end of word.
  • Look for double letters that may fit in the middle of the word such as BB, DD, TT especially if there is an "ed" or "er" that may fit near the end of the word to make words such as "rubbed", letter, and "better."
  • If you are having real difficulty trying to unscramble the 6 letter word, then hit the twist button, clear you mind and sit back and simply look at the letters. More often than not the word will simply pop out at you.
  • Once you find the 6 letter word, look for ways to shorten that word to score the points for four and 5 letter words.

Advantages Of Playing This Game

There are many advantages of playing this game. If English is not your first language then playing this game will help you to increase your English vocabulary and improve your spelling while allowing you to have fun at the same time.

This game can also help those who speak English improve their vocabulary skills and spelling as well. Oftentimes, we know words we simply don't use because we have forgotten them. However, playing these games brings these words to the forefront of our minds.

Downloading Text Twist

When choosing to download Text Twist remember there are free downloads and downloads that you will have to pay for. The difference between these two types of downloads is that the free versions are often either not the full game (having fewer rounds) or they have advertisements that pay for the free download. The paid download versions are usually the entire game without any advertising interruptions.

If you have never played Text Twist it is always better to download a free version of the game so that you can decide if this is a game that you will play often enough to make it worth getting the paid version. Or you can find places where you can play the game online for free.

There are a couple of forums for people who love this game. However, despite the fact that this game is extremely popular the forums are not well visited. Perhaps this is because this game is for single play and the ease of learning to play makes asking questions on forums unnecessary.

Chances are if you enjoy playing Word Whomp, you will love playing this game as well.

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