SWIBBISH®, New Word Game Beta

by Yon

Weekly Twiddle Coin Deals

Weekly Twiddle Coin Deals

SWIBBISH® is a bold change to your traditional word games. Most word games force you into static game boards, and monotonous letter values. Swibbish employs a dynamic gaming experience with a board based value system, Traps, Treasures and a long list of cruel and unusual Power Ups to take the wind out of the most seasoned players.

Play now: http://apps.facebook.com/swibbish/
Learn more: http://twiddlegames.com/

Players of different abilities can compete with one another in multi-player gameplay, score points by creating words and use Treasures to boost your score. Lead your opponent onto a point-losing Trap or use Power Ups to block key spots, spy and lose turns.

In SWIBBISH® we really wanted to give each player the control that we felt was lacking in traditional word games. We hope you enjoy the game. And remember,SWIBBISH® is an ongoing project so we would love to hear your feedback!

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