by Kary

STOP! is a very fun vocabulary game for everyone, from children to grown ups. You can play this game at school, home, parties... Everywhere!

You only need a sheet of paper and a pen. It's a good way to kill boredom and also to make your brain think, and see how good your vocabulary is!

There is not a specific number of players, the more people play, the more fun you'll get.

To play STOP! each player needs a sheet of paper on which should be written horizontally the following information:

Name | Last name | City | Country | Animal | Flower or Fruit | Total

Once everyone has their sheet with the topics, they have to draw a vertically line between every topic, from the beginning of the sheet to the end. The Sheet should look like the table at the top of this page.

Now it's time to play!

Instructions: One player is chosen to start the first round. He must say the letter to start the game. For this, the player should say the letters of the alphabet.

First, he has to say loud the letter A and the rest of the alphabet will be mentally. Another player will have to say STOP and the player who was saying the alphabet has to say the letter he was saying mentally when someone stopped him.

After knowing which letter was chosen, ALL the players (including the one saying the alphabet) should start filling their sheets. Every topic with words beginning with the letter they chose.

The first to finish, must say STOP! and start counting from 1 to 10 (This is to provide an opportunity for other players to complete their topics) When the player stops counting, everyone should stop writing.

The players one by one need to say which word they write in every topic. If there are repeated words among some players, they get 50 points for that word and should write the number of points under the word.

If a player wrote a word that no one did, he will have 100 points for that word. If someone misspelled a word, he gets NO POINTS for that topic. If someone has nothing written, he gets NO POINTS for that topic.

When everyone have said their words, they should count the total points of each topic and write it in the TOTAL section. Then another player is chosen to start a new round saying the alphabet.

The game has no limit of time, all must agree on how many rounds will be played to finish the game. The player with more points in total from all the rounds, is the winner.

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