Spanning two triple word squares

by Adrian Marcial
(Lajas, PR)

Is it possible to start on a triple word square and end on a triple word square? If so, how do you score it?

Hi Adrian - it certainly IS possible to play a word that spans two triple word squares.

Naturally enough such a move is called a 'triple-triple' and scores nine times the face value of the word played.

It is not uncommon to see triple-triples played among experts, who will often use up all seven tiles, along with a letter in between two triple word squares, to make an eight letter bingo.

Not only do they get nine times the value of the play, but if they use up all their tiles they also get 50 bonus points.

This is why you will occasionally hear of huge scores (200+ points) for a single play in Scrabble.

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triple triple word
by: jodi

It is impossible to do a triple triple because the spaces are 8 tiles apart. you could get a double double. if that is so do you double the word score twice?

Hi Jodi - You sure do. And well spotted. Double-doubles don't have the same prestige as triple-triples, but they are actually much more important. Mainly because it is much easier to get a double-double, and they can turn a 70 point bingo into one worth 100+ points.

The other reason it's important to look out for double-double opportunities is that you don't need to use up all your tiles to get one. Quite often when you've got bingo-prone tiles, but don't have a bingo, you can play a double double through an existing tile using six of your seven letters and score around 40 points. Not bad for a rack of 1 or 2 point tiles!

Scoring a Triple Triple
by: Word Buff

The reason the triple-triple scores nine times the face value of the word is that the triples are applied successively (i.e. first one, then the other).

So you triple the word using one triple word square, and then you triple the result using the other. The result is three TIMES three (not three PLUS three).

Hope that explains it.

Triple-triple Word Score
by: Anonymous

My wife and I disagree on the value of a triple-triple word play. She believes it should be worth six times the value of the word.

Please explain why the word is worth nine times the value instead of six.

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