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Scrabble Word Lists

The best way to learn Scrabble words is to organize them into lists, each of which should have some kind of strategic importance. And that's what I'm going to provide on this page - lists of strategically important Scrabble words.

Well, not quite. I'll also throw in a few just for fun. And I'll give you a chance to do the same.

Two Letter Words
Three Letter Words
Seven Letter Words
Eight Letter Words
Q without U Words

What's Your Favorite Scrabble List?

Have you got an interesting list of Scrabble words tucked away somewhere? Well, if you share it, others will share theirs too. And this page will become a one stop shop for the best Scrabble lists on the Web!

Other Visitors' Scrabble Lists

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Five Vowel Eights 
The five vowel eights are a particularly important word list in Scrabble for two reasons. Firstly, vowel-heavy words tend to have a high probability …

Naughty Scrabble Words 
In 1995 a move was made to remove 'offensive' terms from the second edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (OSPD2). The resulting 'expurgated' …

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