Scoring two words on a
triple word square

by Kristine

I asked a question earlier but my boyfriend does not think I was specific enough. Since this will help settle an argument of epic proportions, I will be a specific as I can.

The question concerns the triple word score at the bottom center of the board. The word positioned above it had an S directly over the triple. The word I created was QUO with the letter O being directly under the letter S to create the word SO. Which word gets the points for the triple word score.........QUO or SO?

Hi there Kristine. Thanks for the post - I just love word game arguments of 'epic proportions' ;-)

I'll probably give a more extended answer soon, but since you sound pretty desperate to settle things, here's the ruling in a nutshell...

Both words QUO and SO get tripled, because both words were newly formed in the one play. So, if no blanks are involved, the score for the play would be...

3 x (12 + 2) = 42

This is a completely open and shut case. No official rules anywhere modify this basic scoring principle.

I hope that settles the fight. If you think I've misinterpreted you (e.g. if the image I've placed at the top of this post is not what you meant), or if you would like to continue this discussion, please feel free to click on the Comments link just below.

All the best,

P.S. I should also point out that whoever was on the receiving end of this 42 points could easily have avoided it by challenging the play, because QUO* is not allowed in any Official Scrabble Dictionary. The reason is that it is considered to be part of a phrase ('Status quo') only, and is never used in isolation.

If you're serious enough about Scrabble to have big arguments, you really need to get yourself an official dictionary ;-)

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