Scoring mistake found after a Scrabble game ends

by Daniel

Once the Scrabble game ends and a winner is determined, can a person go back and look at the board and notice they miscalculated a score on the board can they later add a point? Should this point be added to the final scores of the game even after a winner is determined?

Hi Daniel - The box rules don't cover situations like these, so you need to look to official Scrabble tournament rules for guidance.

In Scrabble tournaments, players are allowed to request a 'recount' if they suspect errors have been made, and they may amend the scores after the game accordingly.

However, a player cannot force a recount if both players have signed the final score sheet (unless both players agree to do so).

In the spirit of this rule, you should allow your opponent the opportunity to find and correct scoring errors after a game is over, but they must indicate when they are happy with the score (e.g. by a signature) and then, as they say, 'that is that'.

I hope this helps prevent future arguments,

Scrabble Help - Scoring mistake found.

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