by Joseph

Noun - A round dance resembling a slow polka

Etymology - German, from the Scottish word schittisch (meaning Scottish), from Schotte (meaning Scotsman)

Nice word Joseph - I didn't know this one, and I certainly wouldn't have got it right in a spelling bee. Is there a story behind it?

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Aug 16, 2010
In response to Derek
by: Joseph

My family loves spelling, and sometimes we have spelling bees. Even though it's just between me, my 18-year-old older sister, and my 56-year-old mother, it's a lot of fun. We always use difficult words and once I did win with the word 'schottische'. 'Quaalude' is one other word that won it for me. Actually, I won 8 out of 15 times, the winning words were:

1st Bee - VERMEIL - Winner: Emily (my sister)

2nd Bee - YRNEH - Winner: Myself

3rd Bee - AEGROTAT - Winner: Myself

4th Bee - HAECCEITY - Winner: Emily

5th Bee - SISYPHEAN - Winner: Deidre (my mother)

6th Bee - RHADAMANTHINE - Winner: Myself

7th Bee - URSPRACHE - Winner: Myself (National Winning Words Theme)

8th Bee - UINTJIE - Winner: Deidre

9th Bee - QUINCUNX - Winner: Myself

10th Bee - ILICIC - Winner: Emily

11th Bee - PECCAVI - Winner: Myself

12th Bee - QUATTROCENTRO - Winner: Emily

13th Bee - MNESIC - Winner: Myself

14th Bee - ERRHINE - Winner: Deidre

15th Bee - SCHOTTISCHE - Winner: Myself

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