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Do You Know a Fun Rhyming Game?

Do you know of a rhyming game or activity that is always good fun? Maybe it was one you used to love to play as a child? Or maybe you are a parent or teacher and play it with your own children or class? Or maybe it's a game that's perfect for adults rather than children, and can be used to spice up dinner parties? If so, please tell us about it!

Your rhyming game should be:

  • Non-commerical — This isn't the page for games like Scrabble and Balderdash that have to be purchased.

  • Uncommon — The game or activity does not have to be totally original, but it can't be one like 'Hangman' or 'I Spy' that everybody already knows.

  • Easy to organize — Putting together some basic resources is fine, but it shouldn't take a whole evening to prepare.

  • Fun to play — The game should be entertaining and mustn't feel like a boring quiz or drill.

Your description should include:

  • A title for your game — Make it as catchy as possible.

  • A brief overview of the game — Include the reasons that you really like it.

  • The target group — For example, '5 to 8 year olds', 'adult dinner party', 'presentation ice-breaker', 'students of English as a 2nd language', 'ideal for car trips' etc.

  • Resources needed to play the game — Preferably nothing too complicated, but paper, pens, cards, dictionaries, and so on are fine.

  • The game duration — An estimate of how long the game usually takes to play.

  • Step-by-step instructions — This is the most important one! It's crucial that your instructions don't lead to confusion about how to play the game.

Rhyming Games by Other Visitors

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Action Rhyming 
This is a fun game to play at home with the kids when they are bored. It helps them learn their rhyming words in an entertaining way. I like to split …

AJASA  Not rated yet
“Ajasa” meaning rhyme is a word game which originated from the Yoruba tribe, a major ethnic group in western Nigeria. History has it that “Ajasa” was …

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