Probability of drawing an A from a full Scrabble bag

Scrabble Letter Frequency

Scrabble Letter Frequency

What is the probability of getting an A on your first draw when playing Scrabble? How do I determine this outcome?

A full Scrabble bag contains 100 tiles. To work out the probability of drawing any given letter from a full bag of tiles you simply count how many copies of that letter there are in a full set of tiles and divide that number by 100.

The letter frequency (i.e. the number of copies of each letter in a Scrabble set) is printed on the outer edge of your Scrabble board. I've attached a picture of this to the top of this page. There you will see that there are nine A-tiles. This means the chances of drawing an A are 9/100 or 9% or 0.09 - whichever format you prefer.

If this issue arose over the draw to determine which person gets to play first, don't forget that a blank tile beats an A. I'll leave it to you to work out the odds of drawing a blank!

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