Printing Format of the New Word List

by Michael J. Adler
(Canberra, ACT Australia)

The Format of the current Collins Scrabble Tournament & Club Word List, including allowable words from 2 to 15 letters, was extremely wasteful and cumbersome.

I am only guessing at the percentage of course, but I would suggest that at least 60 per cent of players had virtually no interest in a list of words of 10 to 15 letters.

I am the Assistant Convenor of the Canberra, (Australian Capital Territory), Day Scrabble Club. As a Retired Printer, I am quite familiar with Bookbinding and printing procedures.

Following receipt of the last edition, I collected all of our members books, and cut them between the 2-9, and the 10-15 page sections, and re-bound them into 2 separate volumes.

This proved so popular, that when I attended tournaments in other towns in New South Wales(Australia),I had many requests to bring my binding materials to future competitions, and deal with their books accordingly.

I am certain that all players other than Masters, rarely if ever, would have referred to the 10-15 word section over the years.

Again, just as a guess, I suggest that for every 1000 copies of the print run of the 2-9 word edition, you would only need to also have printed perhaps 300-400 copies of the 10-15 word section. This will partly alleviate cost, considering the paper saving.

Furthermore, I suggest that, as these books will have relevance until the next edition, that is probably at least 6 years usage, the additional cost of using better quality paper than the current adition, and also using sewn sections (for greater durability), and hard covers, would be well-accepted by the Scrabble fraternity.

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Apr 09, 2011
Column Format
by: Martin Waterworth

My comment would be the waste of having four columns throughout the book. It should be possible to have 5 columns in the 2-9 word section. That section has about 20% more pages than needed, thus much more paper and thickness. The other point I notice with the quality of paper and binding, that the frequent users of the book see it fall apart quite quickly at club use. In Queensland, many players have also done likewise with the rebinding of 2-9 word section.

Apr 09, 2011
Printing Format for the New Word List (Response)
by: Darryl Francis

Thanks for the feedback.

While I appreciate that many players are only interested in 2-9 letter words, there are top players around the world who want to have the full list of 2-15 letter words easily accessible.

The new wordlist will be in the same format as previously - the front section will have the 2-9 letters words, and the back section will contain the 10-15 letter words.

The new word list will also be accessible via some of the leading pc- and phone-based Scrabble games. So, no need for any printing at all with those.

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