Pluralizing Scrabble words

by Walter
(Austin, TX)

The word PONG was made and verified in the Scrabble dictionary. My opponent then added an S to pluralize PONG. I challenged the word PONGS and it was found that the word PONGS did not exist; but upon further review we looked up PONG and it showed that it can be a pluralized word in the Scrabble dictionary.

How can this be possible? As we play for $100.00 per game your answer is anxiously awaited.

Hi there Walter. $100 per game hey? I like your style! I guess that means I need to answer this one rrreeeeaaalllly carefully ;-)

Unfortunately, I'm a little confused by your question. You seem to say first that PONGS was NOT in the Scrabble dictionary, but then when you looked it up later you found that it WAS in the Scrabble dictionary??

Can you tell me what dictionary/ies you're talking about here? (Just use the 'comments' link below this post to continue the thread.)

In the meantime, let me just assure you that PONGS is indeed acceptable in all official Scrabble tournaments (anywhere in the world!). In fact, PONG is a verb meaning 'to stink'. So it really comes down to which dictionary you had agreed to play to.

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