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How did this chick
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If you prefer words to numbers, there's a bunch of cool online word games you can play right now. Whether you like to play against the computer, a friend, or compete in tournaments (like me!)

I'll show you what, where, and how.

Some of the games I've selected here are old classics, like Boggle, while others, like SPELL-JAM!, are probably unfamiliar.

You can download some of these games to play on your computer, while you can play others on a website during work breaks.

Some of them are online multiplayer word games, while others are designed to be played solitaire style. Some games are free, while others charge a small fee.

But for all their differences, these word games have something in common. Just like that wonderful game right there on your left

They are addictive!

And so, without further ado, here they are - a feast of possibilities for playing word games online. As always

Just click to find out more...

TIP — I discovered quite a few of my favorite titles at Yahoo! Games. A lot of people don't notice when they download games there that you can save 65% if you remember to get the Platinum subscription plan. Don't say you weren't warned ;-)

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