New word credit by adding an S to an existing word

by Mike
(Maryland U.S.A.)

Do you get full credit including any bonus squares from the existing word?

Hi Mike - When you add an S to the end of word on the board you do indeed get credit for the letters already on the board, but you only get the face value of those letters. Bonus squares only get counted when they are first covered by a tile - after that it's face value only.

I hope that answers your question Mike, but if not just elaborate using the Comments area below and I'll explain it further.

All the best,

P.S. Just as a clarification - if the S is placed on a bonus square, then that will certainly count. If the S is placed on a pink double-word-square, for example, the face value of the existing word is doubled. That's because the bonus square in this case was covered by your current play, not by a previous one. Does that make sense?

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