Name Anagrams

If you've ever tried to create name anagrams for yourself or your friends, you're in good company. Even the great Isaac Newton could not resist the schoolboy challenge of rearranging the letters in his name to see if he could form an interesting word or phrase.

He succeeded, by the way...

Buried among thousands of Newton's private manuscripts, historians found his playful discovery that the Latin form of his name, Isaacus Neuutonus, unscrambles to Ieoua Sanctus Unus - Jehova, The Holy One!

A bit too scholarly for you?

Well, maybe you'll enjoy these clever examples...

President Clinton of the USA - To Copulate He Finds Interns
Clint Eastwood - Old West Action
Woody Allen - A Lewd Loony
Sophia Loren - One Posh Liar
Senator John McCain - No, Isn't Major Chance
Prime Minister Howard - Rather dim senior wimp

Unfortunately, I can't claim to be the brilliant creator of these anagrams. The credit for most of them ultimately belongs to an artificial intelligence expert, who spent decades developing the world's best Anagram Generator.

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