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Over the years, US Memory Champion Ron White has provided hundreds of hours of advice on memory techniques through his presentations, articles, interviews, and of course, through his legendary memory training program.

For convenience, I've gathered together here a bunch of my favorite tips from the master of memory. Some of them are especially helpful for mastering memory-intensive games, while others (like how to remember names!) are incredibly useful for daily life...

Ron White's Best Memory Tips & Techniques
  • How to Remember Names & Faces — I've memorized as many as two hundred and thirty-two names in about an hour and a half. It was at a convention in Lake Tahoe. I went through the group and met two hundred and thirty-five people, then I went back through the group, repeated their names and missed three.

    I got two hundred and thirty-two out of two hundred and thirty-five, it's the most I've ever done. I've done more than a hundred names on many occasions and you can too.

  • How to Memorize Verses & Scripture — If you're a public speaker, you know memorizing poems and quotes is a great skill to add into your speech, or if you're a fan of poetry and you want to know poems by heart, or maybe your faith is important to you so you want to memorize verses of the bible. This system will enable you to recall something word for word.
  • How to Memorize Speeches — According to a survey that came out a few years ago, the number one fear in America is the fear of public speaking. The number two fear on that survey was the fear of death. Can you believe that? People are terrified of giving a speech!

    I instruct our live two-day seminars and I never access a single note. That is seven hours each day and 14 hours total, and I never use a single note.

  • The Importance of Sleep & Memory — I want to talk to you today about probably one of the worst enemies for your memory, and that is sleep deprivation.
  • Memorizing the US Presidents — Here's an example of Ron's memory techniques in action. Just to prove it's got nothing to do with photographic memory or other special talents, Ron teaches a little girl how to memorize all the US Presidents...

Here's the memory system he's teaching her...

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