It's About Time!

by Shirley Blackwell
(Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA)

Dave & Shirley Priest Lake summer 2011

Dave & Shirley Priest Lake summer 2011

I can't wait to show this informative interview with Merl to my passionate cruciverbalist husband, David Blackwell.

This dear brilliant man while unemployed off and on over the past several years created his own crossword puzzle book all by hand, it is pure MENSA work.

He eventually had a young computer savvy man recreate it digitally. He then attempted to approach several local publishers with it but because it is in such a unique and difficult format, but most just gave him lip service.

He even sent some samples to a few well known editors, including Mr. Shortz. Sadly Dave never received a single gracious encouraging reply or even a crossword back from any of them.

Dave is now the owner operator of his own bar and grill with our eldest son, Drew. Boomers Classic Rock Bar & Grill is located in Spokane Valley, WA.

Finally able to utilize a few of his many talents, Dave is impressing the heck out of the locals with his fabulous steaks, seafood and burgers and his eclectic encyclopedic wit and wisdom.

A true renaissance man - former minor league baseball pitcher, cement contractor, child and elder day care provider and stay at home dad, janitor, painting contractor, taxi cab driver, passionate golfer, reader, History and Science channel fan and all around knowledge seeker.

However, Dave still has a deep yearning to share one more talent with the world; published author of his own crossword puzzle book, "The Northwest Puzzle Man's" -"Hard Raw Puzzles" (includes) "Worlds Largest Puzzle?" - "25 Toughies" -" New Format" - "The Evolution of a Cruciverbalist" - "by Dave Blackwell".

Dave would love to retire and travel the world with his loving wife (that would be me:) while working part time as an editor and creator of crossword puzzles for various publications throughout the English speaking world. This dear hard working, devoted to his family man has more than earned this dream come true.

Thank you Merl for taking the time to read this mini-bio of my significant one Dave Blackwell ~ Namaste, ShirleyBwell, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho -

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Nov 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful tribute and story. With his talents and yours, I am very sure all your dreams will come true!! Best of luck to you both...I will look forward to seeing his book in print or available on Amazon.

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