Issue #3 Errata

by Derek, aka Word-Buff

A correction from a reader gave me the idea of setting up this Errata thread for each issue of Word-Buff Stuff!. Feel free to let me know about any errors, or disputable 'facts', in the current issue, by just adding a comment to this entry...

The ever eagle-eyed Michael Vnuk, an editor and tournament Scrabble player in Australia, quickly spotted an important typo. The correct spelling of a certain Spelling Bee word in the newsletter should have been G-J-E-T-O-S-T.

Michael noticed the misspelling immediately because he already knew the meaning of GJETOST.

If there's one place I hate making a typo, it's in a Spelling Bee word ;-(

P.S. Letting me know errors is very helpful because I can make corrections to archived newsletters for future visitors. So thanks again Michael.

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May 25, 2010
To asterisk or not to asterisk?
by: Derek, aka Word-Buff

Hi there Tony,

I have given the issue of asterisks much thought...

The problem is, this site is not just devoted to Scrabble, it now has a large contingent of Crossworders and a growing number of Spelling Bee contestants, as well as readers from other games/puzzles/competitions.

That's why I chose the name 'Word-Buff' rather than 'Scrabble-Buff ;-)

Asterisks all over the place in a Spelling Bee article, or general item like a newsletter, would be really annoying and confusing to the non-Scrabble readers (not to mention the further issue of distinguishing which official Scrabble dictionary a word is in!).

My practice at the moment is to only use the asterisk in articles that are clearly devoted to Scrabble. As I have tried to organize the site by category (e.g. Scrabble Guide, Crossword Guide, etc.) this should work pretty well I'd have thought, although there may be a few tricky crossover articles.

Thanks for bringing it up though Tony. It's caused me a headache or two, and I'd be interested in hearing what others think about the dreaded *.



May 25, 2010
asterisk needed
by: Tony Kalayzich

Those words from the Webster's third International
that are not from our scrabble canon ought to be asterisked.There could be up to nine words there.
It would stop Michael Vnuk inputting and verifying
if they are playable in Scrabble.
I wonder if people know that the most expensive
jam in the world is barleduc ?Whats interesting
here is that it is in the dictionary as bar-de-luc.
These hyphens were misinterpreted from the American College Dictionary by the American Dictionary committee who put together OSPD 1
cheers Tony k

May 25, 2010
Trust Michael Vnuk
by: Hanne

... to get in first ... I was about to ask you wheher *getost was an acceptable alternative spelling in a non-Scrabble dictionary, or a Norwegian one ...after all, a Danish goat is a Ged, and Danish cheese is Ost maybe the Norwegians, whose cheese it is after all, use a T ...I know not ...

Cheesy grin


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