Is Slang Allowed in Scrabble?

In your three letter words list it mentions that you can use the word BIZ, which is described as slang, but the rules indicate slang is not allowed. So, which is it?

Hi - The idea that slang is not allowed in Scrabble is a very popular misconception. When Alfred Butts, the creator of Scrabble, first published his rules for what is and isn't a valid Scrabble word he did NOT in fact rule out slang or colloquialisms.

In fact, technically, you are even allowed to use swear words and other obscenities in Scrabble, although Hasbro has published a family-friendly version of the dictionary, called The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, for those who want to exclude such words from the game.

Although plenty of people feel that slang words are not 'real words', they are certainly allowed in Scrabble. If you have seen a statement to the contrary in any Scrabble rules I'd be interested in knowing where. Do you have a link or an image? If so, just use the comments field below to point me to it.

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