Is a Scrabble game void if an incorrect word is missed?

by Bob
(New Mexico)

Half way through the game, I noticed that we missed a word that was wrong. What do we do? Is it void?

Hi Bob. Once the next play has been made after a a false word, the word is deemed to have been accepted and can't be removed. The game is not void, even though there are false words on the board.

In Scrabble tournaments it often happens that players leave false words on the board, either because they don't want to risk the penalty of a challenge, or because they didn't notice the play at the time it was made, or even sometimes because they want to take advantage of the word to make a high-scoring play. Whatever the case, once the move has been accepted, it stays, and the game is perfectly valid.

Thanks for your question - I hope that answers it.

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