If a game ends and I have a blank tile, how many points are deducted?

by Autumn

Been trying to figure this out... a blank tile is worth no points in the game; does that also apply to the end of the game?

At the end, all of a players points are deducted and given to the player who used up all of his or her tiles first. Does a blank tile deduct zero points, or is it like a "wild" and therefore deducts something huge like in so many card games?

Hi Autumn - Sorry for the delay in answering this one. The rule for subtracting points at the end of a game is to use the face-value of a tile. In the case of a blank, that value is taken to be zero.

In other words, you lose no points at all for having a blank on your rack at the end of a game.

I hope that's the answer you were wanting!

All the best,

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