I Couldn't Believe Then and I Still Don't

by Bob Cefail
(Silver Spring, MD)

About a year ago, I made the acquaintance of Merl quite by chance. This occurred when I found out his email address in Florida and sent him a question about one of the answers that appeared in his puzzle that day. Much to my astonishment, he emailed an answer to me in about 45 minutes!

Ever since that day, we have had frequent email exchanges, and a "close" friendship has developed that has also included his wife, Marie, who called me "like a member of the family" when she sent me a very special card at Christmastime last December.

One of the special things about Merl that I particularly enjoy is his bent for anagramming: when he learned that I have "spinal stenosis", he came right back at me to point out that that phrase anagrams to "pianist lessons"!

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