How well do you have to play to be qualified to join a Scrabble club?

by Anita Brann
(St. Charles, MO (U.S.))

I'm probably above average in Scrabble, but don't know how good you have to be in order to join a club. I need others to play with.

Hi there Anita - Thanks for taking the time to ask this question. It gets asked a lot in the Scrabble scene, so hopefully you'll help quite a few others by asking it.

The good news is, that Scrabble clubs are precisely the places you go to get better at Scrabble; they do not assume you are already good.

Although some clubs tend to attract strong players who like to play each other for practice, most clubs have a broad skill level from beginner up to ... well ... world champions.

Where skill level starts to come into the mix is at Scrabble tournaments, rather than clubs. And even tournaments often have a novice/recreation section where the beginner is likely to feel at home.

When you contact a Scrabble club, the representative of that club will probably ask you about your skill level, just so that they don't match you up with somebody way too difficult or way too easy, but whatever your level you're likely to find people thereabouts.

That's a long winded way of saying, contact your local Scrabble club, and turn up this week! They are almost certain to make you feel comfortable no matter what your playing level.

I hope this helps, but keep at me if it is not specific enough.


P.S. Keep your eye on the Comments section just below. Over the next week or two you may even hear from someone in your own area...

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Scrabble Recreational Play Club
by: Joy

Anita in St. Charles.

Would be interested in getting together with people to play Scrabble for fun and recreation.

I have a new Scrabble game set that prevents movement of tiles and revolves and a Scrabble Dictionary.

Every week or every other week?

In St. Charles...?

contact info will be provided if interest warrants.

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