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Excalibur NY21 Crossword

It's called the Excalibur NY21, and it's pretty much perfect for someone who needs a lot more than one daily newspaper to satisfy their crossword-solving itch. This sexy touchscreen has nearly three years worth of New York Times crossword puzzles crammed inside its sleek frame!

Now most touchscreen crossword devices are full of garbage puzzles for solvers who wouldn't know any better. But every one of these puzzles has been hand-picked by Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword puzzles, who is renowned for being the pickiest crossword editor in the country.

Excalibur Deluxe Word Search

Excalibur Deluxe Word Search
Excalibur Deluxe Word Search is a fFeature-packed Compilation of games for the word fanatic in all of us. Millions of Word-Search Puzzles. Select From 4 Levels of Difficulty. Choose Random or Specific Word List Puzzle Generation. Includes Bonus Word Games for an Endless Challenge. Easy-to-Play Backlit Touch Screen. Uses 2 AAA Batteries

Talking Spelling Bee

The 55,000 Word Talking Spelling Bee.
This electronic spelling bee game recreates the excitement of the official National Spelling Bee. It articulates each word, provides a definition of almost 55,000 words from Webster's, and uses each word in context with recorded speech.

Each letter is voiced and displayed on the device's 2" color LCD as it is entered from the keyboard. A correct spelling gets an applause, while an incorrect response is gently corrected.

Three skill levels can be adjusted between Beginner, Advanced and Master, and custom word lists can be entered to provide an additional challenge. It also includes word games such as Word Train and Hangman for less intense spelling practice. Very cool!


In a nutshell, Catch Phrase! is 'Hot Potatoes with words'. Everyone sits around in a circle and an electronic timer is passed around. Just like a time-bomb, you have to make sure you're not holding the thing when it goes off (which it does at unpredictable times!). What does this have to do with words?

Well, you're only allowed to pass the timer along after you have managed to help your team guess a word that displays on the timer (the word changes each time the timer is passed along). So you've got to help your team guess the word by providing clues subject to some understandable rules, such as not using 'sounds-like' hints.

Catchphrase is more about luck, tension-building, and quick-thinking, than finding out the smartest person in the room. This makes it ideal for situations where you want some laughs, without making anybody feel stupid.

Word Whomp

Word Whomp Touch Screen Pocket Pogo Game

Word Whomp Touch Screen Pocket Pogo Game

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