by Derek, aka Word-Buff
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Word Meaningn. A traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Pronounced goo-CHIN. Here's one in action...

Why I Think It's A Cool Word — The dictionary committee for WESPA have informally announced that this word, along with its common shortened form QIN, will be included in the next edition of their official Scrabble dictionary.

Aside from the fact that both GUQIN and QIN will provide yet more cool Q-not-followed-by-U words, QIN will have a considerable strategic impact on the game.

Since QI is the most frequently played word in Scrabble, the ability to hook it with another letter (i.e. besides the S) will be utilized very heavily.

It's only occasionally that the addition of a single word to the Scrabble lexicon makes a significant difference to the game. This is likely to be one such occasion.

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