Funny Phrase

by Jenna
(Fl, USA)

This vocabulary game is really fun for all ages and can also be a good ice breaker in some contexts. I really enjoy this game and it's a lot cheaper than going out to buy a game at the store. It's simple to set up and can provide hours of entertainment.

You usually play the game with a group of people where everyone can sit around in a close circle, and one person can stand and be the center of attention.

The game can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, it really depends on how long the group decides they have time to, or feel like playing.

Materials you will need for this game include paper, pencils/pens, and a coin. To prepare, everyone puts a total of 5 verbs, 5 nouns, and 5 adjectives into 3 separate bowls - one bowl for verbs, another for nouns, and another for adjectives. Try to be as random and creative as possible with the words you choose.

Note: people should not share the words they put into the draw, this will defeat the purpose of the game.

Then, the person who is the oldest goes first. This person is either going to be the actor or the artist. They must choose one slip of paper from each bowl which will form a sentence (they might have to be a little creative if it doesn't make entire sense).

Then a coin is flipped. If it lands on heads, the person is going to be the actor, if it is heads, they are going to be the artist. If they are the actor, they must act out their phrase sort of following the rules of charades. If they are the artist, they must draw their phrase.

The first person to guess the phrase scores a point, and is the next person to be it. Whoever has the most points once all the words are used up is it.

Also note that you can add more words if you do not have a lot of people to contribute. Since this game is so easy to set up and the rules for submitting words are very flexible, there are a lot of variations to the game.

If you want to include this game for a bachelorette party or adult oriented group in which the theme for the words will be sexual ;-)

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