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How many times have you found yourself at a website offering 'free' word puzzles and games, only to find yourself being asked to pull out your credit card within seconds of arriving? Or, how often have the freebies turned out to be useless junk serving only to tempt you into an upsell if you want to get to the real thing? Well...

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You see, I've been scouring the Web for several years now for the best word game and puzzle resources, so I can tell you it's happened to me a lot. Actually, I don't like to limit myself to free stuff, partly because of this annoying experience, but mainly because I want to find all the very best products from each category, whether they're free or not.


While it is often true that 'You get what you pay for', it never ceases to amaze me how often the very best word game and puzzle resources are actually free. The difficulty is in sorting out the genuine from the fake, and I consider that to be a big part of my mission here at Word-Buff.

Naturally, I've accumulated quite a juicy list over the years. Let me tell you about a few of my absolute favorites...

Free Word Puzzles

One of my favorites in this category is a little gadget I stumbled across a few months ago that not only collates all the highest quality online crossword puzzles on the Web, but delivers all the ones you like to your computer on a daily basis with one button click!

Free Word Puzzles

Check out the names of some of those puzzles - they are top of the range. The blandness of the screenshot doesn't do this one justice.

Free Word Games

The Scrabble diehards among you will just love this one. How about an app that not only lets you play Scrabble against your computer (at any level from beginner to world champion), but even analyzes your games for you and generates a detailed report of your mistakes to help you improve.

Free Word Games

Try telling me that wouldn't impress you!

Free Word Puzzle Makers

Do you like creating word puzzles? Here's a word puzzle maker you can use to make professional crossword puzzles, wordsearches, cryptograms, and just about every other type of word puzzle under the sun (many I've never heard of).

Free Word Puzzle Maker

It even lets you build online versions of your puzzles so you can upload them to your blog or website!

Anyway, you get the drift right? They are all top quality and totally FREE. They are not trial versions of commercial products trying to do the upsell. You just download them, and they're yours.

I use all of these resources myself on a regular basis, and I have not had to part with one cent to use them (except when I'm so impressed I make a donation to the creator, which is something I think we should all encourage).

So, Where Are They??

To make your hunt for free word puzzles, games, sites and software a bit easier, I decided to create a kind of 'Freebies Catalogue'. A one stop shop for getting hold of top quality resources for serious word gamers. I make this list available to all Word-Buff members — and yes, of course membership is totally FREE ;-)

Just pop your details into the form below, and I'll send you an email giving you access to Word-Buff's Members Only area — that's the button up there on the left. You'll have your mittens on all these cool goodies in a few minutes...

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Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Word Buff Stuff!.

If you do decide to subscribe, you'll not only get a regularly updated list of the best freebies on the Web, but you'll get a free eZine with all sorts of cool stuff for keen word buffs.

I only send it out when I've got something especially interesting or useful to show you, and I never allow advertisers to use my mailing list. It's just fun, free Word-Buff Stuff! (Which also happens to be the name of the newsletter!)

You can find out more here.

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