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by Adrian

Where's the best place to get good quality free online crossword puzzles? Also, what do I need on my computer to solve them?

Hi Adrian - this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive about crosswords. Fortunately, I have an answer I think you'll be happy with!

The thing is, there are lots of places to get (quality!) free online crosswords, and the software required to download and 'play' them on your screen is also free. Here's the drill...

Each of the following links takes you to a page containing crossword puzzles that you can solve online for free. They are all created by highly respected American crossword constructors. In fact, all of these puzzles have been recommended by expert crossword solvers I've interviewed here at Word-Buff...

  • Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword — This link takes you to the web page where you can solve the daily puzzle online. If you want to download the puzzle in Across Lite format to solve it offline, you can get the latest puzzle from the Cruciverb website, which I talk about here.

  • Triple Play Puzzles — These crossword puzzles are created by the renowned puzzle maker Trip Payne. Trip organizes his puzzles into the following categories: Straight Crosswords, Cryptic Crosswords, Variety Cryptics, and Variety Grid Puzzles.

  • A-Frame Games — A range of challenging word puzzles created by Patrick Berry, who is one of the most revered crossword constructors among expert solvers.

  • Brendan Emmett Quigley's Blog — Brendan publishes high quality crosswords on his blog. Each puzzle is graded by difficulty (Easy, Medium, or Hard) and Brendan also gives access to an archive of all of his previous puzzles categorized by this difficulty level.

  • Newsday Crosswords — Stan Newman has published dozens of crossword books and makes his syndicated Newsday Crossword available on his website for free.

Most of these puzzles can be solved either directly on the relevant website (which requires you to have Java installed), downloaded to your computer where you can solve them offline (which requires that you install a free crossword player called Across Lite), or printable as a PDF so you can solve them on your way to work (which requires you to have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed).

Also, keep in mind that many online 'paid-subscription' crossword sites offer free access to older puzzles, usually under the name 'Archives'. The New York Times is a good example of a high quality puzzle publisher using this model.

I hope this summary helps you get your free regular puzzle fix Adrian!

P.S. If you know of a great place to get free online crossword puzzles that isn't mentioned here, please tell us about it using the comment link provided below this post.

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Starting off
by: Anonymous

I'm a beginner in solving crossword puzzles and I have a lot of trouble starting a crossword.When I'm faced with a blank crossword, I don't know where to start. Could you give me some tips on how to get over this problem?

I put together an article of crossword solving tips here. One thing that article doesn't mention is that the easiest place to start usually is with the 'fill in the blank' type clues. They are usually the easiest and quickest way to get a foothold in the grid.

All the best,

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