Who's Afraid of
Facebook Scrabble?

A Beginner's Guide to
Playing Scrabble on Facebook

by Martie Lownsberry
A Total Newbie

Facebook Scrabble — now, where to begin? Let's start out by assuming that there are other people like me — lots of other people like me — who can email using a computer, and perhaps even IM (um... 'Instant Message', if you're wondering) with friends but, when it come to navigating the web or any of those social sites you're at a complete loss as to how to even get started.

You've heard of people being socially challenged? Well, I am and I am sure there are many others like me who are Social Network challenged. That being said, I also love playing Scrabble, which my husband doesn't. So, a friend suggested that I try playing Scrabble on Facebook. According to her, it is fun and gives you an opportunity to play with friends or make new friends who also love Scrabble.

Deciding I had nothing to lose, except perhaps my patience and maybe my mind, I decided to give it a try. First, I wanted to know a little bit about the Facebook version of Scrabble and whether or not it was actually popular on there.

History of Facebook Scrabble

It turns out that Facebook Scrabble wasn't always Facebook Scrabble. You see, rather like me, Hasbro wasn't quite ready for social networking, and so someone else invented a Scrabble-like game (and I mean identical to Scrabble, or close enough) for the Facebook site.

This game was called Scrabulous and was an instant online success. It soon had hundreds of thousands of players online having a great time challenging one another or just playing a friendly game here and there.

This really annoyed Hasbro, and they insisted that Facebook cease and desist using this Scrabble "rip off game." To make a long story short, in the end Hasbro won the dispute and agreed to furnish Facebook users with an authentic version of Facebook Scrabble to replace Scrabulous, which was taken off the site.

It took a while to work out the bugs, but Hasbro's version of Facebook Scrabble is now working well with over 677,800 users — more than enough for me to find someone to play with whenever I'm hungry for a game. So I decided to give it a shot.

What To Do First

In order to start playing Scrabble on Facebook the first thing you have to do is to get a Facebook account. This is pretty easy. Just go to www.Facebook.com and the first thing you should see, if you don't already have an account, is a "Sign up for Facebook" message. Under the big heading click on the smaller one that says 'sign up'.

You will then be transferred to a page that not only tells you exactly how to sign up for your account, but will give a lot of good information about the general site that will make you feel a little less lost.

Once you are signed into your account you can either go straight to the Facebook Scrabble app or you can spend some time searching for friends who are on Facebook so that you can play with them.

Adding Friends To Play Scrabble With

If you want to add friends to play Facebook Scrabble with, or just to connect with, there is a search box at the top of your home page. Just type in a friend's name and if they are a Facebook member their profile will appear, and you then can click the button that indicates that you want to add them as a friend. You then have to wait until they accept your friend request (which is usually the next time they sign into their Facebook account). You can add as many friends as you want.

Once you have a few friends lined up, or even if you don't, you can now start playing Facebook scrabble. At least, that is what I thought. I spent about 5 minutes looking over my homepage expecting to see the word "games" that I could then click on and have a drop down menu of all the Facebook games, and from there I could simply click on "Scrabble" and start playing. That was not to be.

In fact, I could not find anything that seemed to be directly related to games at all!

So, I went back to the Web and did another search and to my surprise, I discovered that I needed to use the apps feature in order to play Scrabble.

What is this Facebook Scrabble App & How Do I Find It?

If you are wondering what an app is, it simply means application (i.e. a software program). Facebook has hundreds of different applications for games and a number of other things.

There are two ways to find the Facebook Scrabble game app. The easiest is to simply type into the search box 'Scrabble app' and hit enter. It will take you directly to all the apps for the Scrabble game. If you live in Canada or the U.S., you will want to click on the one that says Scrabble US or Hasbro. Everyone else uses the Scrabble Worldwide app.

You can also use the application directory that is found on the left hand side of the bottom of your homepage. Click on the directory and you will be taken to a page that lists all the different types of Facebook apps. From the left hand corner click on Games, and when the games page comes up click on Scrabble.

You should then be taken to a red board. Look at the bottom of the board and you will see where it says create a game and public game. Now you are ready to choose the type of game you want to play.


Help, I Can't load Facebook Scrabble!

If you are unable to load the Facebook Scrabble app, it is probably because your apps are blocked on your Facebook account. Don't panic as this is an easy fix!

Go to the top tool bar and click on settings and check and see if you have any blocked apps. Simply take the block off and you should be able to access the Scrabble game.

Playing Facebook Scrabble With Friends & Strangers

If you want to play with people you know who are also on Facebook, click "create a game" You then need to click on the circle for private game.

Next you need to name your game (e.g. Tom's Scrabble with Friends), list who you want to play with, select your dictionary, the number of people you want to play with, the game speed, a brief description (e.g. Just a little word game with friends), and then hit start. Notices will be sent to your friends and they can accept and your game can start.

If you want to play with strangers, you can either create your own public game of Scrabble or join a public game. I found it easier starting out just to join a public game. To use the public game app simply click on public game and choose the dictionary, number of players, the skill range, then click search and choose from any of the public games that come up. If all the games have started hit search again as oftentimes new public games will appear.

If there are no public games at the level you want you can either create your own public game using the create button and choosing public game over private or you can redo your search in the public game forum. By leaving all of the choices, you are likely to find at least one or two games.

The Problem With Player Levels

The problem with choosing the players levels is that there are no guidelines for the numbers. You really have no idea where the beginner level ends and the advance levels begins. You simply choose numbers at random and hope someone else has chosen that number range. After several tries, I just left it alone and played with players from all different levels.

Checking Out The Facebook Scrabble Rules

If you want to review the game rules for playing scrabble on Facebook, click on the question mark at the top of the red square. The rules are pretty much the same as all scrabble games, but a little review never hurt anyone.

Playing Scrabble On Facebook

Once you have your set number of opponents, you are ready to play a game of Scrabble. Remember that a game could take several days to complete, depending how fast a game you choose and how quick players are to respond.

Quick Guide To Loading Your Facebook Scrabble Application

Now that you can see that getting ready to play Scrabble on Facebook isn't so scary, here is a quick guide to help you accomplish getting set up in a few minutes...

  • Open your free Facebook account.
  • Add friends if you wish - use the search at the top of your home page to find your friends.
  • Type in play scrabble in the search bar. And the scrabble apps page should come up.
  • Click on the appropriate app either the one for the United States or World wide.
  • Chose either create a game or public game and fill in or choose the appropriate selections.
  • If you choose create a game, hit start. If you choose public game, hit search and then click on a game.
  • If you have trouble loading the app, check your settings to make sure you don't have it blocked.
  • Once everyone is ready to play, you can begin a game.

The Game Is On: Actually Playing Scrabble On Facebook

Ok, so you have already gathered that I am less than a quick study when it comes to social websites and their applications. Nevertheless, I was all set up and ready to play Scrabble in under ten minutes. This proves that the entire set up is easy.

Finding A Game

Having played various games on Pogo, I guess I was a little spoiled. I was used to clicking on a game and immediately being able to play. So, I was excited to get started and instantly clicked on the public game button to search. To my delight, I discovered that even at 3 O'clock in the morning, there were games available!

However, to my dismay, all the games had already started. By 4 am, there was a new opening, so I tried again and got into play. The Game is on, I thought! To my amazement, the person who created the game wanted to play right through, so we played a quick game of scrabble in about 45 minutes. I lost but hey, it was my effort and my opponent was a real whiz at the game.

So, I thought I would share my experience with you.

My First Facebook Scrabble Game

A new Scrabble game box will appear on your screen quickly followed by 7 letters. These are your tiles.

You point and click to move the letters onto the game board. You then drag the letters to the space you want to play them and simply drop them on the space. You then click on play to end your turn and your score automatically is recorded.

When your turn comes around again, a red flag will appear on the bottom right side of your screen or on your Facebook toolbar. Click on your Facebook window and lay down your next word. This could happen almost immediately or take hours.

The rest of the play is like a classic scrabble game. The game ends when all the letters have been cleared from the draw pile and one person has cleared all their letters or when no more points can be scored.

Unless you are playing with friends, play can be incredibly slow so you may want to have several games going at the same time.

Helpful Hints:

Here are a few helpful hints that may help you to score those bigger scores.

  • Take your time with your words. Facebook is meant to be played over a long period of time, so there is no rush to get that word up. Take your time deciding what word to play and where to play it to your best advantage.
  • Look up words you are not sure of before trying them. Facebook offers a dictionary so if you are not sure how to spell a word, go ahead and look it up before trying it out. Others are doing the same thing. You can also use the dictionary to figure out how to use those weird letters.
  • When inviting friends to play, use the rankings to find someone close to your own skill level. This will help you improve your game without feeling overwhelmed.

Now that you are all set to play, go ahead, get started and maybe I'll see you on Facebook Scrabble!

What's Your Take On
Facebook Scrabble?

Do you know something about Facebook Scrabble that hasn't been covered in this little introduction?

  • Do you have a great tip that makes playing Scrabble on Facebook a more fun experience?

  • Perhaps you know a cool group of Facebook Scrabble players you'd like to tell beginners about?

  • Or maybe you're just a Facebook Scrabble junkie and you'd like to chat about your addiction?
Whatever the case. This is the place!

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