Double Letter Score

by DAR

If you make two words at the same time and one of the letters is used in both of the words at the beginning of the words and the tile is a double letter score -- do you use the double letter score for one of the words only or for both of the words.

For instance:


and the tile the letter K is the double letter score.

Hi DAR - The answer to this one is short and sweet: YES. If you place a letter on the board so that it is 'double-crossed' on a premium square, the premium square counts twice. So in your example, the K is doubled twice.

Top players use this fact routinely to score huge points for the high-value tiles. Just playing the single X on a triple letter square to form XI in one direction and AX in the other direction, for example, will usually score an easy 50 points!

I hope that's the news you were looking for ;-)

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