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Would you like to kick off each morning with a cup of coffee, a cool new daily word, and a challenging word puzzle to boot?

If this sounds just like your style, bookmark this page right now, and return to it each day to get your daily dose of word medicine.

I carefully choose each word of the day for its unusualness, its interesting meaning, and its relevance to word games and puzzles.

The word puzzles include anagrams, word quizzes, crosswords, word searches, and a whole bunch of other challenges that don't even have names!

I'll put today's word fix right here on this page.

If you'd like to see the previous week's articles (along with all the answers to that week's puzzles!), just click the link below each item...

Word of the Day

QINGHAOSU - Pronounced ching-how-soo, a chemical compound extracted from the plant artemisia, from which its other name, artemisinin, derives. It is often used to treat malaria.

It is also a lovely way to extend an opening move of QI to the triple word square on the second move of a Scrabble game!

Last Week's Words of the Day

Daily Puzzle

Which three-letter word did Harper Collins agree to introduce into its English dictionary in 2008, largely on the strength of its frequent use in The Simpsons?

Last Week's Daily Puzzles - with answers!

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