by Kevin McCann

The name of this website comes from the term Cruciverbalist, which basically means 'a person who really digs crosswords'. And this is a very apt name, because is a community website for crossword constructors and serious crossword solvers.

The Cruciverb website brings together a vast collection of people and resources dedicated to helping people make and publish their crosswords, as well as discuss the crossword puzzle industry in general.

Whether you are a beginner trying to get your first crossword puzzle published in a local newspaper, an experienced constructor trying to get yourself out of a tricky corner, or a seasoned veteran seeking to debate crossword publishing practices, this is definitely the place.

Here are some of the helpful resources you'll find here...

  • A Forum and Mailing List where you can ask questions of experienced crossword constructors.

  • Expert Articles on the art of constructing crosswords, written for beginners.

  • Puzzle Submission Guidelines for most of the major American newspaper crosswords.

  • Links to daily Crossword Puzzles you can download and solve online.

  • The Cruciverb Database, which allows you to search clues and answers from puzzles published in major American newspapers over more than a decade!

Almost all of this is free. The only thing you'll be asked to pay for, if you want it, is 'gold-member' access to the Cruciverb Database (see the last bullet point above). And this is really just a kind of donation to help keep this great community resource alive.

Basically, if you want to know more about the world of crossword constructing, and if you'd like to hook up with others who share your little obsession, this is the one site you absolutely must bookmark. is dedicated to American style (straight) crosswords and as such is not likely to be of much assistance to British style (cryptic) constructors.

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