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What is it about Crossword Puzzles?

"Making synaptic connections that have lain dormant for years causes something deep in the pleasure center to squeeze out a juicy shot of chemical goodness." —Jim Horne

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I mean, we all know they improve your vocabulary, and they're supposed to put the brakes on Alzheimers Disease, and all that jazz, but Jim Horne's answer above gels much better with me.

If it gels with you too, then hang around. Why?

Because I've put together a whole bunch of pages to help you squeeze more 'chemical goodness' out of your hobby.

And what's more... if you can't find what you're looking for on one of the following pages JUST ASK ME, by visiting Word Buff's Crossword Help Line.

I answer most questions within 48 hours.

Word Lists

If you solve puzzles regularly, you'll start to see certain words appear time and time again. Naturally enough, these words are called repeaters, and the sooner you get your head around them the better. So here are some important word lists to get you started...

Most Frequent Crossword Answers
Common 3-Letter Crossword Answers
Common 4-Letter Crossword Answers
Common 5-Letter Crossword Answers
Greek Alphabet
Hebrew Alphabet

Tips & Tricks

Here is a collection of articles I've written especially for beginning crossword solvers...

Anatomy of a Crossword Clue
How to Solve Crossword Puzzles
Crossword Jargon for Beginners
Introduction to Crossword Puzzle Software
Introduction to Online Crossword Puzzles
Where to Find Free Online Crossword Puzzles


I'm always chasing interviews with interesting word-buffs. Whether it's puzzle champions, software creators, game inventors or just fascinating eccentrics, I track them down and publish our discussions in the Word-Buff Interview Room.

Below are the people I've met so far that I thought might interest cruciverbalists the most...

Michael A. Charles
Dan Feyer
Tyler Hinman
Antony Lewis
Kevin McCann
Trip Payne
Merl Reagle


Now and then I come across a terrific resource for cruciverbs. Sometimes it's a 'must-have' book or DVD, other times it's a nifty tool for making or solving puzzles.

When I get a chance I write up a reasonably detailed review of the product, sometimes even with a demonstration if I can find the time. When this happens I'll add a link to the following list...

21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Across Lite
Crossword Compiler
Crossword Maestro


Looking for others to share your passion for word puzzles? I'm scouring the Web for activities, events and organizations that get word-buffs together to enjoy their hobby in good company.

I've listed the groups and activities that are most likely to interest you below, but feel free to pop on over to the Word Games Noticeboard where you'll find even more...

Cruciverb - Crossword Puzzle Making Community
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Cruiseword Tournament

Tell Us About YOUR Crossword Activity

And Just For Fun...

Finally, if you're just browsing to kill some time, here's a fun article you might like. It's the lonely story of Garson Hampfield - the only man in the world with the occupation of Crossword Inker.

And really and truly finally...

If you haven't yet signed up for my free Word Buff Stuff! newsletter, here's your chance. From time to time I'll send you cool word puzzles, interesting articles about word games, and links to some nice freebies. You'll also be on the 'first-to-know' list when I stumble across a great resource for serious puzzlers...

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