Crossword Puzzle Maker

Just about any professional constructor will tell you
this crossword puzzle maker is the 'gold standard'.

If you want to create a puzzle for a class that you teach, or a special occasion for friends and family, you're probably in a hurry. A crossword maker can get the job done in a couple of minutes.
Of course, if you want to publish your puzzle in a magazine or newspaper, you'll have to put in some more sweat. But by getting your crossword maker to do all the dirty work, your time is freed up to focus on writing better clues, developing a better theme, or ... having a cup of coffee ;-)

Either way, the choice of most professional crossword constructors nowadays, and certainly the one I use here at Word-Buff, is called Crossword Compiler. But before I tell you more about it, I'll need make sure it can cater for the type of puzzle you want to make. So, here is the screen that asks you to select a puzzle format...

Crossword Puzzle Formats

Is your puzzle type in the list? Great, then read on...

To show you how easy it is to use, here is a quick demo of me using Crossword Compiler to make one of my feature crosswords. Watch me build a 15x15 grid, based on an American layout, and fill it completely with valid Scrabble words, all in a matter of seconds...

Neat huh?

I thought you'd like it. And here's where this cool crossword maker lives!

I'll still have to do some tweaking, of course, if I want to make a really great crossword, but I'm sure you can see how it makes the life of a crossword constructor sooooo much easier...

Actually, I liked it so much I wanted to find out more about who made this thing and how. So I got in touch with its creator, and here's a transcript of our conversation.

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